One-step ITP pyrophosphatase assay

PRECICE® ITPase Assay kit provides the first non radioactive and continuous protocol for measurement of ITP pyrophosphatase activity (also known as inosine triphosphatase and inosine triphosphate pyrophosphohydrolase) in cellular lysates in a convenient 96-well plate format.

ITP pyrophosphatase, or ITPase (EC, is an intracellular enzyme that catalyzes the pyrophosphohydrolysis of ITP/dITP and xanthosine triphosphate to prevent unusual nucleoside triphosphates from accumulating in (deoxy) nucleoside triphosphate (d)NTP pools and being integrated into RNA and DNA.
This enzyme is encoded by the ITPA gene in mammals. Certain ITPA variants causing ITPase deficiency have been linked to adverse reactions to the immunosuppressive thiopurine drugs azathioprine and 6-mercaptopurine, and protection against ribavirin-induced anemia.

PRECICE® ITPase Assay Kit

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Kit provided in stable lyophilized form and shipped without dry ice

Download ITPase assay Protocol (User manual)


Specific activitiy of ITP pyrophosphohydrolase in lysates of human erythrocytes measured by PRECICE® ITPase Assay kit.

ITPase activity Graph
RBC speciment 1 (n=2) 94+/-3 nmol/hour/mg Hb
RBC speciment 2 (n=2) 83+/-3 nmol/hour/mg Hb


  • Non radioactive
  • Continuous
  • No sample preparation required. Cell lysates are directly used for continuous monitoring of ITPA activity


Simultaneous analysis of up to 12 samples in duplicate in 1h.

Inosine triphosphatase activity is measured as a rate of production of IMP with concomitant formation of NADH2 after one enzymatic reaction using highly active IMPDH. The formation of NADH2 is continuously monitored spectrophotometrically at 340nm.

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