Antiviral and immunosuppressive nucleosides phosphorylation

Human adenosine kinase enzyme is a purine salvage enzyme that has a broad substrate specificity and provides the phosphorylation of purine/pyrimidine nucleosides and pyrimidine ribonucleosides. Adenosine kinase is critical for phosphorylation of adenosine analogs and provides first steps of activation of highly effective anti-viral and immunosuppressive prodrugs, such as mizoribine, tubercidin and ribavirine


PRECICE® ADK Phosphorylation Assay Kit is based on competitive inhibition of suboptimal substrate inosine (IR) phosphorylation. In the absence of nucleoside competitor, adenosine kinase phosphorylates inosine resulting in the formation of IMP. IMP is further oxidized by IMPDH to XMP and NADH2 continuously monitored at 340nm. In the presence of nucleoside competitor, the phosphorylation of inosine, poor ADK substrate, is inhibited detected as a decrease in NADH2 formation.
PRECICE® ADK Phosphorylation Assay Kit is a first tool for rapid evaluation of substrates properties of novel nucleoside analogues for human adenosine kinase.

ADK phosphorylation reaction schema

PRECICE® ADK Phosphorylation Assay Kit

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Kit is provided in stable lyophilized form and shipped without dry ice

Download ADK Phosphorylation Assay protocol (User manual)

Validated with antiviral nucleoside analogues

Such as mizoribine, tubercidine, ribavirin.

Nucleoside Analogues Mizoribine Tubercidine Ribavirin
(Competitive Inhibition)
45µM 90µM 550µM


Homogenous and continuous (add-and-measure)

High-Throughput Analysis

The assay allows the test of 12 analogues at 7 different concentrations at the same time (or 6 analogues in duplicata)

Readout is peformed with plate reader fitted with 340nm filter