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Freshness Assay Kit Principle
PRECICE® Nucleotides Assay Kits

Kit version Ref. Price**

Spectrophotometer for 10 samples analyzed for IMP, inosine and hypoxanthine 



€ 350.00

Kit version Ref. Price**

Plate reader for simultaneous analysis of IMP, Ino & Hx in 22 samples 


€ 480.00

*Number of analysis per kit. **Excl. VAT. Pricing updated on October 01st, 2016. Provided in stable lyophilized form and shipped without dry ice.

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Measure nucleotides to assess food quality

Since seafood and fish are highly perishable products, the quality of raw material is of primary concern for seafood processing industry. While sensory analysis allows rapid evaluation of the quality of whole wet fish, the assessment of the quality of frozen fish, or that of frozen blocks of fillets or crumbed seafood products remains more difficult.

PRECICE® Nucleotides Assay Kit is a first enzymatic assay for spectrophotometric measurement of three major ATP degradation products. The enzymes provided with kit allow specific conversion of three major ATP catabolites - IMP, inosine (Ino) and hypoxanthine (Hx) to NADH2. The quantification of nucleotides is done by measuring sample absorbance at 340nm.

Rapid & Precise

    Enzymatic reactions take 30 min
    R²=0.89 (IMP, HPLC); R²=0.91 (inosine, HPLC); R²=0.91 (hypoxanthine, HPLC);
    R²=0.88 found between H-value measured with PRECICE® Nucleotides Assay Kit and TMA/ABVT in whiting fillets (11 samples)

Wide Application Range

    Frozen, fresh, stored under modified atmosphere, smoked, sterilized and canned products

User Manual  "PRECICE® Nucleotides Assay Kit" for cuvette spectrophotometer
User Manual  "PRECICE® Nucleotides Assay Kit" for plate reader

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