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in September 2011

Nucleotides in Aquaculture Feed

Measuring ATP degradation products (IMP, inosine and hypoxanthine) in aquculature feed provides important informations on its quality  for several reasons :

  • Nucleotides, thermostable and non volatile compounds, are better indicators of fishmeal freshness than total volatile amines ;
  • Purine nucleotides, abundant in animal muscle and absent in plants, are useful indicators of muscle proteins mass;
  • Nucleotides are nutrients required for immune response and tissue growth.
Nucleotides enhance trout resistance to bacterial infection and promote salmon growth

Enzymatic Kit for Fast Assay of Fish Meal Nucleotides

Fresh fish meal is a natural source of IMP nucleotide, issued from post-mortem breakdown of ATP fish flesh.The content of IMP, nucleotide-precursor of adenine and guanine nucleotides and feed stimulant, depends on the quality of raw material and the content of muscle tissues used for fishmeal preparation. "PRECICE Nucleotide Assay Kit" allows fast analysis of the freshness of fishmeal through the measurement of purine nucleotides content.

:Fishmeal Nucleotide Assay Kit

The assay "PRECICE Nucleotide Assay Kit" is

  • Fast - results are obtained in 30 min with spectrophotomer;
  • Simple;
  • No solvents;
  • Cost-efficient.

PRECICE® Nucleotides Assay Kit

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10 samples
€ 370.00

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HPLC Analysis of Aquafeed Nucleotides

Since fishmeal is a limited natural resource, considerable efforts are done toward its replacement by alternative products. Yeast are naturally rich in RNA that are rapidly degraded to nucleotides and yeast extract are used as nucleotide supplement. However, nucleotide content of yeast extracts  is different from that of fishmeal. Yeast extract contains much less of purine nucleotides required for ATP synthesis and more of pyrimidine nucleotides. NOVOCIB offers analytical service for quantification of purine and pyrimidine bases, nucleosides and nucleotides in fish meal.

HPLC Fishmeal Analysis

Fishmeal Complete Nucleotides Analysis

S 1100-01
1 sample (15 nucleobases, nucleosides, nucleotides and RNA)

€ 450.00 per one analysis

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